Texas adult driver education 6 hour online course answers- Final exam study Guide with multiple choice questions on Texas road signs and road rules.

Texas Adult Driver's License Course Test Quiz 8

1. If your drivers license is suspended, you may drive only:
If you get permission from the local police.
If you have an accompanying licensed driver.
If you obtain an essential need driver’s license.
If you drive on little-traveled roads.

2. If you are teaching a beginner to drive, you must:
Have a class C drivers license.
Be over 18 years old.
Be a licensed driver age 21 or over.
Have had five years driving experience.

3. A minor's (if under the age of 17) driver license may be suspended for a first offense of driving under the influence of alcohol by a minor for:
90 days
60 days
120 days
30 days

4. Not including thinking and reaction distance, at 20 miles per hour, lawful brakes must stop a car within
10 feet
19 feet
30 feet
40 feet

5. When approaching a green traffic light you should:
Watch mainly to the light.
Watch mainly to the left.
Look both ways as you go ahead carefully.
Speed up to avoid holding up traffic.

6. When meeting a school bus which has stopped to pick up or discharge children, you should:
Sound your horn and carefully pass.
Stop and then you may carefully pass at a speed not over 10 mph.
Stop and wait until the bus has started or you are signaled by the driver to proceed.
Slow down and pass carefully at a speed not over 10 mph.

7. You must always stop when
Approaching a yield sign.
A traffic officer instructs you to stop.
You see a flashing green light.
Crossing a railroad track.

8. When approaching an intersection, bridge, or railroad crossing, you should never drive (pass) on the left half of the roadway when within:
150 feet
200 feet
100 feet
250 feet

9. Under favorable circumstances, including reaction time, a motor vehicle with good brakes, going 50 miles per hour can be stopped within:
About 55 feet
About 100 feet
About 229 feet
About 133 feet

10. When following another vehicle how much driving time should you maintain between yourself and the vehicle you are following?
3 seconds
1 second
4 seconds
2 seconds

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