Texas adult driver education 6 hour online course answers- Final exam study Guide with multiple choice questions on Texas road signs and road rules.

Texas Adult Driver's License Course Test Quiz 7

1. Serious injuries occur because a driver's speed:
Is often encouraged by passengers in the vehicle
Increases tire failure and rollovers
Often results in driving off cliffs
Exceeded the vehicle's ability to provide protection

2. To manage risk when driving:
Recognize signal backplates
Avoid overhead signs
Avoid advanced channelization
It is essential that you remain alert to conditions or objects that can increase levels of risk.

3. If you have passengers that are infants or children, make sure:
The children are yours
There is a caregiver available to travel with you
That it is almost nap time so they will sleep while you drive
They are fed, watered, and dry before you belt them into their seats and begin your trip

4. Driving when tired, sick, or medicated causes:
Drivers to use their air-conditioner to stay alert
A person to drive too fast
Impairment which adds to driving risk
You to be grumpy while driving

5. The video TOE TAG warning about the dangers of distracted driving opens to a scene at:
A police station
A morgue
A doctor`s office
The county fair

6. Fatigue has many of the same dangerous effects as:
Driving at night.
Driving with spongy brakes.
Driving while tired.
Driving after drinking alcohol

7. While driving, resist distractions such as:
Lighting a cigarette or loading a CD
Talking on a cell phone or text messaging
Having a conversation with your passengers
All of these

8. Serious signs that you are drowsy and should not be driving are:
Cognitive Effects Deprived of adequate rest, your mind has difficulty functioning normally.
You may also experience dizziness, blurred vision or mild hallucinations.
Swerving off the road.
All of these

9. The percentage of distracted drivers operating their vehicles on roadways at any given time may be as high as:
100 percent.
10 percent.
90 percent.
50 percent.

10. Text messaging or surfing the internet on your wireless device while driving:
Take your hands off the wheel and your eyes off the road.
Is llegal according to state law.
Will do no harm to anyone.
All of these

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