Texas adult driver education 6 hour online course answers- Final exam study Guide with multiple choice questions on Texas road signs and road rules.

Getting Your Drivers License In Texas

Adult Driver Ed Course | Texas Adult Driver Education and Safety Course

Taking an Adult Driver Ed course is the first step to getting your license in Texas if you are 18 to 24 years old. You can take a driver education course that is online and state-approved by the Texas Education Agency, so it satisfies all the requirements needed to get your license. Plus, taking it online makes more sense because you never have to rearrange your schedule to accommodate it.

Drivers ed online for adults 18-24 in Texas

This is a 6 hour drivers education online course for 18 year olds to get a Texas state driver's license for the first time.

Texas 6 Hour Adult Driver's Education Course is for adults 18-24 years old who are applying for their first time driver's license. This course is mandatory by the state of Texas to take if you are 18 and over applying for your first time driver's license in Texas.

Get your driver's license in one day! Become a licensed driver officially!

Learn how to drive safely on the road! Avoid the possibility of getting pulled over and having to pay OVER $500 in ticket fees! You can be on your way to taking a 6 hour adult driver's Ed Course with your driver's license in-hand!

Enrolling adults ages 18-24 years old for the 6 Hour Adult Driver's Ed.

There is no time limit on the Texas adult driver education and safety course, so when you finish it is up to you. You can log in and out and work on it in as many sessions as you like, allowing you to take breaks anytime. At the end of the adult Driver Ed course you will have to pass a final exam and you have 3 attempts to get it right. This final exam takes the place of the DPS written exam, so you won’t have to take it again.

Once you complete the entire Texas adult driver education and safety course you will receive a completion certificate in the mail. When you take this to the Department of Public Safety you will be able to take the vision test and then the behind-the-wheel exam to get your license.

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Applicants age 18 and over
  • First you need to get Texas car insurance.
  • Then you need to get Texas license plates, registration and a new title(had to surrender it)
  • And then you need to go through all this.
To apply for your Texas driver's license, head to your local DPS office with:
Moving to Texas?
New residents moving into Texas, who have a valid driver license from their home state, have 30 days after entry into the state to secure a Texas driver license. To apply for a Texas driver license, applicants will be required to:
  • A valid out-of-state driver's license.
  • Proof of your identity.
  • Proof of your Social Security number.
  • Proof of your Texas residency. One of the documents must prove that you've lived in Texas for a minimum of 30 days.
  • Complete required application forms available at any Texas DPS office. Your application must include a photograph and thumbprint.
  • Pay the required fee.
  • Pass the vision test.
  • If you have a VALID out-of-state license in your possession, it must be surrendered at the driver license office.
NOTE: If you have never been licensed or have an EXPIRED out-of-state license, you will be required to pass both the written and driving exams, in addition to a vision test.
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