Texas adult driver education 6 hour online course answers- Final exam study Guide with multiple choice questions on Texas road signs and road rules.

Chapter 5 -Texas Road Signals, Signs, & Markers Quiz 3

Find Chapter 5 Texas Adult Drivers Education Course Quiz answers. Chapter 5 includes Traffic Laws, Signals, Signs, and Markers recolonization.

1. This sign indicates:
Slow down for a left turn
Look for a detour to the left
Slow down for a left curve

2. What does this sign mean?
Be extra careful not to run off the pavement
Drive on shoulders when meeting wide trucks
Watch for soft spots in the roadway

3. What does this sign indicate?
Watch for a construction or maintenance project ahead
Stop until you are waved on

4. This sign indicates:
Do not allow a car to pass you
Do not pass to the right
Do not pass another vehicle

5. What does this sign mean?
Vehicles must not exceed the shown speed limit when yellow light flashes
The speed limit should only be observed when children are seen
Only buses must observe this sign

6. What does this sign indicate?
Look out for a train
Disregard if you cannot read the sign
Always stop, look and listen

7. This sign indicates:
Always drive 35 mph here
Return to normal speed
Do not drive under 35 mph here

8. What does this sign mean?
Get ready to detour
You are approaching an uneven road surface
Watch for a sharp drop from the pavement edge

9. What does this sign indicate?
Stop here if you are tired and wish to rest
Continue on – stopping here is not permitted
Stop only in an emergency, such as vehicle failure

10. This sign indicates:
Stop if you cannot read the sign
Slow down for extreme danger ahead
Know that this shape sign usually gives instructions and information

11. What does this sign mean?
Watch especially for emergency vehicles
Be ready to yield to other traffic entering the lane

12. What does this sign indicate?
Slow down for a roadside barber shop
Slow down for a sharp bend in the road ahead
Be careful not to sideswipe a solid object which this sign marks

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